Can you have an engagement party a year later?

Unlike a bridal shower, which should be kind of close to your wedding day, your engagement party can happen whenever you damn well please–as long as it’s before your bridal shower and, well, your wedding.

How late can you have an engagement party?

While there is no fixed rule, the engagement party should be held as soon as possible after the announcement of the engagement, and at least several months before the actual wedding. As a rule of thumb, within three months of the engagement and nine to twelve months before the wedding should be fine.

What are the rules for an engagement party?

The Dos and Don’ts of Engagement Party Etiquette

  • Do: Figure out who will host the engagement party. …
  • Don’t: Invite people you know won’t be invited to the wedding. …
  • Don’t: Assume you will—or won’t—receive gifts. …
  • Do: Keep it casual. …
  • Don’t: Save your parents’ first meeting for the engagement party.

Is it worth having an engagement party?

“It’s a fun setting which helps breaks the ice and allows for people to mingle and get to know each other. Having the engagement party also makes it easier for future conversations about the wedding — and other things — since they will have already met,” she explains.

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Can you invite someone to an engagement party and not the wedding?

“Proper and even modern etiquette would dictate that you should only invite guests to your engagement party if you plan on also inviting them to the wedding,” Richman says. … In this case, feelings wouldn’t be hurt if someone were invited to the engagement party and not the wedding.”

What is a reasonable budget for an engagement party?

According to our research, however, a budget of about $1,000 to $2,000 would be enough for an engagement party attended by mostly family, some relatives and close friends. If you want to price “per person,” then it’s safe to budget $15 to $30 per person.

Do you give favors at an engagement party?

Should I provide party favors for the guests? Inexpensive favors, such as save-the-date magnets or personalized chocolates and candies that serve as reminders of the wedding date are a great way to thank guests. Can my engagement party be a surprise? Absolutely!

What is an appropriate gift for an engagement party?

Gift cards, a check, or cash always make a much-appreciated present. If you want a gift that underscores the celebratory aspect of getting engaged, pick out two or four champagne flutes. Or bring a bottle of Champagne or prosecco. The bride probably hasn’t registered yet but in case she has, look there for ideas.

Can I host my own engagement party?

Traditionally, it’s hosted by the bride’s parents. Today, any friend or relative who expresses enthusiasm about throwing your engagement party is welcome to host. If you can’t decide on one host, it’s okay to have more than one engagement party. … If you want, you can even throw your own engagement party.

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