Frequent question: How much does it cost to get married in Switzerland?

Generally speaking, the fee for a civil ceremony in Switzerland ranges from between CHF300 and CHF400 across the country.

How expensive is a wedding in Switzerland?

On average, Swiss couples spend CHF30,000 to CHF40,000 ($30,000 – $40,000) on their wedding – not including the cost of the dress and suits, rings or the honeymoon.

Can you legally get married in Switzerland?

Switzerland recognises marriages through the civil registry office. Both bride and groom must be at least 18. Same-sex couples cannot get married in Switzerland. However, they may enter into a civil partnership.

Can I get married in Switzerland on a tourist visa?

You cannot marry in Switzerland on a tourist visa. You are granted a three-month period in which to celebrate your wedding once marriage authorization has been given.

How long does it take to get married in Switzerland?

If all requirements for the marriage are met, the Registry Office issues the authorisation for the marriage. The marriage can take place 10 days at the earliest and 3 months at the latest after the authorisation is issued.

What are the requirements to get married in Switzerland?

The legal requirements to get married in Switzerland

  • You must both be over the age of 18 and have the capacity to consent;
  • The person you want to marry must be of the opposite sex;
  • If either of you are not Swiss citizens, you must be lawfully resident in Switzerland at the time of marriage.
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Is it hard to get a Swiss visa?

Obtaining a work permit or employment visa in Switzerland has become increasingly difficult. Non-EU/EFTA nationals who intend to live and work in Switzerland should be aware that the Swiss government has permit quotas in place, which only allow a certain number of permits to be distributed every year.

If a 16-year-old becomes pregnant in Switzerland, she cannot marry until she reaches the age of eighteen – despite her circumstances. By contrast, if she was married abroad, the law assumes that it may be in the interest of the young woman not to annul the marriage.

Can I bring my partner to Switzerland?

To enter Switzerland the person must provide a written invitation from their partner who is living in the country.

What are weddings like in Switzerland?

The traditional Swiss wedding consists of an early-afternoon church ceremony followed by an apéritif for 100-150 people served nearby. Later there is an elegant dinner for around 50 close friends and family members, often in a different town or even canton.

Can you marry your cousin in Switzerland?

Marriages are monogamous. Prohibitions on first-cousin marriage exist in Catholic cantons of German Switzerland. Neolocal residence is favored today, but newly married couples often reside with either the man’s or woman’s family. … Marriage in the mid-twenties for both sexes is common.

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