Is it rude to not have a wedding reception?

Is it Rude Not to Have a Reception at Your Wedding? Absolutely not. Plan your wedding however you are comfortable with. … A small party after the wedding ceremony would be very lovely, considering that your guests have also been preparing for this day and they will bring touching wedding gifts too.

Is it okay to not have a wedding reception?

You certainly do not have to have a full reception, with a meal, entertainment, etc. You should, however, offer some hospitality to your guests, with some food. If the wedding ceremony is to be held at a church, arrange for a light snack afterwards, perhaps cake, or sandwiches.

Is it weird to not have a reception?

Probably the most common time for couples to not have a reception is if they elope. … And, it’s the reception that uses the majority of the budget, so skipping it will save lots of money! Take into consideration food, entertainment and decorations, on top of the cost for venue hire, and you can see why!

Is it rude to skip a wedding reception?

If you’re not invited to the ceremony [source: Miss Manners]. That’s really the meat of the issue; a formal invitation is not a choose-your-own-adventure arrangement. … You better believe that if you confirmed you would be attending the ceremony and reception, it would be incredibly rude if you didn’t show up.

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Can you have a reception months after wedding?

Can You Have a Reception Months After a Wedding? … In any case, as with post-wedding reception etiquette, the date of the wedding reception after a courthouse wedding is entirely up to the host couple. Because of this, couples have many more options when planning a delayed party instead of a wedding reception.

What do you do if you don’t want a big wedding?

What if I don’t want a Big Wedding?

  1. Camping. A wedding weekend that includes camping will involve logistics that are much more manageable with a small group. …
  2. Beach Wedding – with a PNW twist. …
  3. Treehouse Ceremony. …
  4. Brunch. …
  5. Intimate Dinner Party. …
  6. Destination Wedding.

What do wedding guests want?

Surprisingly, right near the top of the things wedding guests want is to see the couple present, smiling, and having a great time. One of the best ideas we’ve seen is to sneak off to a private room with a table for two during the cocktail hour to enjoy your first course and some time alone.

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