What happens at the end of the wedding planner?

Why did Fran and Steve call off their wedding?

Because he is a dishonest louse, or, as the movie explains it, because he had no idea he would be thunderstruck by love. Since he is in love with Mary, the only sensible thing to do is call off his wedding to Fran and buy a season ticket to movies in the park.

Are wedding planners worth it?

Yes, they are – 100%!

It can literally take hundreds of hours of your ‘spare time’ (the average is 200hrs), and if you’re too busy with work or not the organising type, a planner will save you time, stress, money and is worth the financial investment.

How old is Matthew McConaughey in The Wedding Planner?

Lopez, 51, recalled filming their kissing scene, telling McConaughey, also 51, “You said, ‘Miss Lopez, I’m going to kiss you now.

What movie do they watch in the park in The Wedding Planner?

Question #98225. Asked by don_mommy. Answer has 4 votes. The 1934 movie “Flirtation Walk” with Dick Powell & Ruby Keeler is referenced by IMDB as being featured in The Wedding Planner.

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