What is wedding soup called?

The term wedding soup comes from the Italian language phrase minestra maritata (‘married soup’), which is a reference to the flavor produced by the combination or “marriage” of greens and the meat. The minestra maritata recipe is also prepared by the families of Lazio and Campania.

What is the difference between Italian Wedding Soup and minestrone soup?

Here is my take on Italian Wedding Soup and a Vegetable Minestrone. Traditional Italian Wedding Soup usually has small meatballs, tiny pasta, fresh spinach, all amidst a chicken-based stock. … This Mini Meatball Minestrone is perfect on a cold night and makes for ample leftovers.

Where does Italian Wedding Soup come from?

How do you say wedding soup in Italian?

Minestra Maritata: What is Italian Wedding Soup? The term “wedding soup” is actually a mis-translation of the Italian phrase minestra maritata, which literally translates to “married soup.”

What kind of sandwich goes with wedding soup?

Perfect Pairings: Italian Wedding Soup with a Salami Sandwich.

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