Can you have a wedding at White Rock Lake?

The Filter Building on White Rock Lake is the ideal venue for wedding ceremonies, receptions and rehearsal dinners. Nestled along the banks of picturesque White Rock Lake, the building is the perfect setting for families and friends to gather together to celebrate your love.

Is White Rock Lake free?

No cost unless some special event has been scheduled, & even then plenty of parking for a short walk. Parking lots can be crowded, but on the whole, parking is free & relatively available. No life guards, & swimming is not allowed. Kayaking allowed.

Are there alligators in White Rock Lake?

And to those who think White Rock doesn’t have any gators in it today because the last one on record, a 4-footer, was pulled out of the lake way back in the 1940s, I say, Prove it. Anyway, even if the lake was gator-free, it was really cold.

How long does it take to walk around White Rock Lake?

White Rock Creek/LakeTrail

The trail has a total length of 17.1 miles with the portion of the trail that encompasses the lake having a length of 9.5 miles and the portion of the trail that begins at Hillcrest/LBJ Freeway in North Dallas having a length of 7.6 miles.

Is it safe to eat fish from White Rock Lake?

According to the Texas Parks and Wildlife annual survey, which measures pounds of game fish per acre of lake, White Rock Lake has been a great place for fishing over the last several years. Anglers can catch large-mouth bass, crappie, and channel catfish. … And the lake’s fish are safe to eat.

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Does White Rock Lake have lights?

White Rock Lake.

Stroll or cruise along the shore and check out the beautiful waterfront manses and their light displays reflecting on the water.

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