Frequent question: Is 6 months too early for a bridal shower?

One month to three months before you get married is the sweet spot for bridal shower timing. … When a bridal shower is, say, six months before your nuptials, your guests’ excitement for your wedding will likely die down well before the wedding invitations go out.

How far in advance should you RSVP for a bridal shower?

Bridal shower invitations should go out between six and eight weeks before the event, depending on how many out-of-towners are on the list. Make sure guests RSVP to one person (the maid of honor, for example) to keep numbers organized.

Is it rude to leave a bridal shower early?

Re: rude to leave a shower early? No it is not rude. If you can only stay till 11 then you can only stay to 11. Just make sure to say goodbye to the bride and the host and thank them for inviting you.

Should a bridal shower be on a Saturday or Sunday?

Perfect Timing

Showers typically take place on a Saturday or Sunday anywhere from two months to three weeks before the wedding. The exact time of day will be up to your hosts, but they’ll likely plan a brunch, a luncheon or an afternoon tea that lasts three to four hours.

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