Frequent question: What channel is the wedding planner on?

The Wedding Planner – Channel 5.

Is The Wedding Planner on prime video?

Watch The Wedding Planner | Prime Video.

Is Christmas wedding planner a Hallmark movie?

Christmas Wedding Planner is a 2017 Canadian drama romance film, directed by Justin G. Dyck and screenplay by Keith Cooper.

Christmas Wedding Planner
Screenplay by Keith Cooper
Based on Once Upon A Wedding by Stacy Connelly
Starring Jocelyn Hudon Stephen Huszar Kelly Rutherford Melinda Shankar
Release date December 2017

How does The Wedding Planner end?

Fran and Steve decide not to get hitched. Mary’s family decides that she’s making the wrong decision and they all object to her courthouse wedding. Steve learns of this and meets up with the still single Mary. They hook up and live happily ever after.

How old was Jennifer Lopez in The Wedding Planner?

Lopez, 51, recalled filming their kissing scene, telling McConaughey, also 51, “You said, ‘Miss Lopez, I’m going to kiss you now.

Is The Wedding Planner on Stan?

If The Wedding Planner will appear with other providers further down the line, this table will be updated.

Which streaming providers can you watch The Wedding Planner on.

Provider The Wedding Planner
Disney Plus No
Foxtel Now Yes
Netflix No
Stan No
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