Question: Who is Meg in all of my heart the wedding?

Enter Meg, Jenny’s long-lost second cousin once removed, played by Pauline Egan – you might recognize her from perennial Hallmark favorite December Bride.

Is all of my heart the wedding a sequel?

All of the entries in the All of My Heart collection are part of the same series. Who directed the All of My Heart movies? The All of My Heart movies are the work of two directors. Peter DeLuise directed All of My Heart, while Terry Ingram directed All of My Heart: Inn Love and All of My Heart: The Wedding.

Where was all of my heart the wedding?

All of My Heart: The Wedding was filmed in Canada again, with many locations in Abbotsford, BC, and some filming also in Ladner and Delta. The movie was filmed in July.

What does the idiom with all your heart mean?

: in a very sincere and deeply felt way I love him with all my heart.

Where is all my heart filmed?

All of My Heart is set in Pennsylvania: the attorney’s office is supposed to be in Harrisburg and the house is said to be in Bucks County, but the movie was filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada.

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