What do you mean by the term engage?

transitive verb. 1 : to offer (something, such as one’s life or word) as backing to a cause or aim : to expose to risk for the attainment or support of some end engaged his all in the king’s cause. 2a obsolete : to entangle or entrap in or as if in a snare or bog. b : to attract and hold by influence or power.

What is the best definition of Engage?

Engage is defined as to get someone interested in something or to have a conversation or discussion with someone. … An example of engage is when you start talking to someone.

What is to engage with someone?

(engage with someone/something) to make an effort to understand and deal with someone or something. She is accused of failing to engage with the problems of her staff. Collocations and examples.

What does it mean to engage in conversation?

engage someone in conversationto start having a conversation with someone. Synonyms and related words. To have a conversation with someone. talk.

What is the definition of engaging conversation?

If you engage someone in conversation, you have a conversation with them. They tried to engage him in conversation. Synonyms: occupy, involve, draw, busy More Synonyms of engage. 4.

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When should you engage someone?

1[transitive] engage something (formal) to succeed in attracting and keeping someone’s attention and interest It is a movie that engages both the mind and the eye. Their pleas failed to engage any sympathy.

What is the difference between engage in and engage with?

fatimah0786 Which is correct?: “You should engage in/with the learning process.” Both are possible; both are rather stilted. fatimah0786 What is the difference between ‘engage in’ and ‘engage with’? Engage with = interact with, act positively toward.

Is it correct to say engage with?

Engage with somebody means, as others have said, to interact with that person, usually from a position of greater power (managers are frequently exhorted to engage with employees, but rarely the other way round).

What is being engaged at work?

An engaged employee cares about their work and about the performance of the company, and they want to feel that their efforts could make a difference. It is generally seen as an internal state of mind; physically, mentally and emotionally that binds together the work effort, commitment and satisfaction in an employee.

Is charged with meaning?

1. Impose a duty or task on, as in He was charged with getting this message to the commissioners. [

How do you engage in better conversation?

13 Simple Ways You Can Have More Meaningful Conversations

  1. Don’t get too excited about your next thought. …
  2. Ask good questions that show you’re engaged. …
  3. Do your homework without being creepy. …
  4. Try to genuinely relate. …
  5. Don’t waste people’s time. …
  6. Let people sell themselves. …
  7. Ask how you can add value. …
  8. Do what you can to help.
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How do you engage someone in a conversation?

It’s important to stay engaged in any conversation, whether professional or personal, so the other person feels valued. When you start a conversation, remain calm. Try to find an observation or insight to get the conversation going. From there, ask questions, listen, and offer insight.

What is another word for engaging conversation?

What is another word for engage in conversation?

chat talk
parley negotiate
exchange deliberate
collogue relate
groupthink consult
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