What is the character of Awiyao in the wedding dance?

In the story, Awiyao is the husband of Lumnay and they had been married seven years but did not have a child. So according to the village custom, Awiyao was going to marry another woman. – Awiyao is a strong, muscular man.

What type of character is Lumnay?

LUMNAY. Lumnay in the story the Wedding Dance is Awiyao’s ex-wife who cannot bear a child. She was left by Awiyao because their culture won’t allow them to continue their union. Lumnay is the best dancer in the tribe.

Who is Awiyao and Lumnay?

SYNOPSIS/ SUMMARY Awiyao and Lumnay were husband and wife for seven years, but now the husband has to marry another woman, Madulimay, because Lumnay was not able to give him a child. … Conflict Awiyao has left his wife Lumnay, whom he loved very much. However, she couldn’t give him a child.

What type of character is Awiyao?

– Awiyao is a strong, muscular man. – Initially, he is depicted cold at heart as he enters his house and asks his wife Lumnay to come to the wedding dance. – But as the story progresses the warmth of his heart is revealed in both the house and his face.

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Why did Awiyao and Lumnay separate from husband and wife?

The reason for their separation was Lumnay’s inability to give Awiyao a child. According to their tribe’s law ” A man who marries a woman who can’t bear a child must leave that woman and marry another.” So Awiyao and Lumnay had to separate despite their love for each other.

Who is the second wife of Awiyao?

Answer: Madulimay is the woman chosen to be Awiyao’s new wife.

What is the situation of Awiyao and Lumnay is marriage?

Jungian Approach (Individualization)Awiyao’s decision to have a divorce with Lumnay and marry Madulimay is due to his insecurity and unlikeness to other men in theirtribe. He has no child that will inherit his possessions unlike the other man.

What are story elements?

A story has five basic but important elements. These five components are: the characters, the setting, the plot, the conflict, and the resolution. These essential elements keep the story running smoothly and allow the action to develop in a logical way that the reader can follow.

What two things did Awiyao offer Lumnay?

Awiyao promised Lumnay that if his decision to remarry would fail, he will come back to Lumnay and they will die together. A husband who divorces a wife without any valid reason will have to leave all properties to the children and the wife.

Why is Awiyao going to remarry?

Awiyao is going to marry another woman, Madulimay, because Lumnay was not able to give him a child. … He promised her that if he fails to have a child, he will come back to her.

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What is the object that Lumnay wants to keep from Awiyao?

The BEADS: are the only objects Lumnay asked from Awiyao to be in her possesion. The beads are very precious since they are said to be worth twenty fields. The beads stand’s for Awiyao’s love. Before he leaves he put the beads on her head.

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