Who auditioned for Princess Bride?

2. Courtney Cox, Meg Ryan and Uma Thurman were among those who auditioned to play Buttercup, while Danny DeVito was the first choice to play Vizzini.

Was Princess Bride inspired by Shrek?

Even the book on which Shrek is based, Shrek! By William Steig, was published in 1990, three years after The Princess Bride was released in theatres (The Princess Bride is also based on an original book of the same name).

Did Robin Wright wear a wig in The Princess Bride?

It turns out that she did, and that it came in the form of a man. When Buttercup pushes Westley down a steep hill and then rolls down after him, both actors relied on stunt doubles to do the roll for them. Wright’s double was a man in a long blond wig.

Why wasn’t Fred Savage in The Princess Bride read through?

Savage’s lines in the script were instead read by “Stranger Things” star Finn Wolfhard. Savage later confirmed via Instagram that his “real life family” had to come first because his brother was celebrating his 40th birthday.

Did Mandy Patinkin do his own stunts in The Princess Bride?

In older movies, duel scenes featured movie stars in close-ups only; the rest was done by stuntmen. But Reiner bucked that tradition, insisting that Elwes and Patinkin do all the swordplay themselves. The two were up for the task—especially Patinkin.

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Does Cary Elwes wear a wig?

No, he didn’t have a ponytail during filming: “They had wigs and little ponytails — stuff like that,” Elwes said of his on-screen look. “But the funny thing was, by the end of the movie, my hair grew to the exact length they needed!”

Can I still watch Princess Bride Reunion?

For fans who missed The Princess Bride cast reunion live stream, good news — a recording of the exclusive event is now available to watch!

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