Who is Sherri Saum married to?

Are Lena and Stef together in real life?

Stef and Lena are arguably the most together, sweetest, hottest lesbian couple to ever grace the small screen. But here’s the best part – Polo and Saum totally adore each other in real life. … Sherri and Teri kiss it up at an interview for the LA Gay and Lesbian Center’s An Evening with Women.

Is Sherri Saum still married?

Sherri Saum Kids

Sherri Saum and Kamar de los Rayos began dating after they met on the set of One Life to Live in 2002 and have been married since 2007. In 2013, they welcomed the twins and have learned how to successfully juggle family life alongside their careers.

Who plays Lena in the Fosters?

Why was The Fosters Cancelled?

“After watching this family grow and evolve over the last five seasons, we ultimately decided it was time to see the kids grow up and send them out into adulthood to face new challenges,” Karey Burke, Freeform executive vice president of programming and development, tells Variety.

Who are Sherri Saum parents?

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