You asked: Can I cover my engagement ring under my contents insurance?

The short answer is yes, jewelry is included in the renters and homeowners insurance policies that cover the value of items in your home.

Does home and contents insurance cover engagement rings?

Home and contents insurance will likely cover your engagement or wedding ring if it’s stolen from the insured property. … That’ll probably increase your premium, but you’ll be covered if your ring is damaged, lost or stolen in an insured event.

Is engagement ring covered under renters insurance?

Renters insurance may help protect a diamond ring, up to the limits stated in your policy, if it is stolen or damaged by a covered peril. Keep in mind that the ring needs to be insured by its current owner. … As with other belongings, a diamond ring would typically not be covered by renters insurance if it was lost.

Can you add jewelry to home insurance?

Many homeowners insurance companies offer policyholders the ability to increase their coverage limit on jewelry by adding an endorsement. … Progressive offers homeowners insurance policyholders the option to add jewelry coverage under a scheduled personal property endorsement or under a separate policy.

Who is supposed to insure the engagement ring?

The ideal person to insure the engagement ring is whomever has it in their possession first. You can even apply for jewelry insurance right on your phone before you leave the jeweler.

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How much does it cost to insure and engagement ring?

The general rule for insuring wedding and engagement rings is $1 to $2 for every $100 of value, paid annually. A $5,855 ring, for example, would cost around $59 to $118 per year to insure. If you live in a city where the risk of theft is higher, then you can expect to pay a bit more for your coverage.

How do I claim insurance on my lost engagement ring?

How can I claim if I lose my engagement ring?

  1. If the ring is stolen, report it to the police immediately. …
  2. Call your insurer as soon as you can to report the loss or damage – have your certificate of insurance in front of you, with the policy number ready.
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