You asked: Do people regret spending a lot on their wedding?

Do you regret spending so much on a wedding?

Of those polled, 48.5% said wedding planners weren’t worth the cost, followed by 36.7% who said videography and 36.1% who said wedding favors. … In most cases, men were more likely than women to say that a given wedding expense was not worth the cost.

What do you regret spending money on wedding?

Insider spoke to a number of brides about what they regretted splashing a lot of cash on for their weddings. Regrets included the number of bridesmaids they had, an overly DIY-ed day, and wishing they had actually spent more. They also shared a few useful cost-cutting tips for brides-to-be.

Is it normal to have wedding regrets?

If your wedding didn’t go exactly as planned—or if, looking back, you wish you’d done things differently—you might be feeling regret. And, experts say, that feeling is more common that you’d think. … If you’re living with wedding-related regret, however, know that you don’t have to live with it forever.

Do people regret having small wedding?

None of them regretted having a small wedding. … However, some brides confessed that they would have done a few things differently if they had the chance to do it all over again.

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Why people have expensive weddings?

People have expensive weddings because they want to. That is the entire point. People spend their time and money on things that are important to them.

How many couples regret having a wedding?

Nearly half of the couples surveyed also said they should have enjoyed it more, while 28 percent said they regret how much they spent, 20 percent regret the guest list (ouch!) and 19 percent said they should have just eloped. What Would They Change?

What do you regret about your wedding?

People Reveal The Biggest Regrets They Have About Their Weddings

  • I wish we had taken our bridal party pictures before the ceremony. …
  • I wish we had more time to spend with our close friends and family.
  • I wish we had chosen a different DJ. …
  • I wish our families could have been there to celebrate with us.

Why do brides spend so much money on wedding dresses?

Guerrieri says we’re part of the reason prices are so high: They’re high because that is what we’re willing to pay. “I think that on average there is a lot of status and signaling going on wedding day,” Guerrieri says. A bride’s dress can signal how wealthy she is, what her status in society is.

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