You asked: Do you need a welcome party for wedding?

Do I need a wedding welcome party?

A welcome party isn’t super necessary if your wedding is local and so are most of the guests,” says Julie Savage, the creative director at Strawberry Milk Events. But if you have room in the budget and would like another opportunity to spend time with your loved ones, go for it.

How much should I spend on a wedding welcome party?

The Welcome Party

The budget really depends on how long you’ll host, but most couples choose to have a two to four hour party with an open bar and some small bites of food. A reasonable budget might hover around $30-50 per guest, but this can vary greatly based on your location and venue.

What is a welcome reception wedding?

According to Ashley Stork of Magnolia Vine Events, “A welcome reception is a chance to host all out of town guests, and any other guests you may want to include to welcome them to your wedding weekend.” The rehearsal dinner is generally a more formal, sit-down affair and has traditionally been held for the wedding …

How many welcome drinks should you have at a wedding?

Allow for 2 drinks per person during the welcome reception, followed by wine for the table, champagne or sparkling wine for the speeches and 1 drink per hour per person after that. We like the Majestic Wedding Drink Calculator it’s a handy tool that you can use as a starting point to estimate quantities.

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