Are ushers part of wedding party?

An usher is primarily responsible for directing and seating guests at a wedding ceremony. With less responsibility than a groomsman or bridesmaid, the usher is often (but not always) younger than the rest of the wedding party. A wedding usher is often the first person to greet guests.

What is the ushers role in a wedding?

The main duty of an usher is to act as a doorman. In other words, an usher’s job is to greet guests and show them to their seats. … But at less formal weddings, the ushers may simply tell guests where to go. They’ll ask the guest’s name, and whether they are with the bride or groom.

Can you have a female usher?

The word “usher” doesn’t specifically refer to a male, so you can call your cousins ushers in your program. If you want to distinguish them from other men, list each respectively as female ushers and male ushers (or call the ladies usherettes).

Who picks the ushers at a wedding?

Who chooses the ushers? This is the groom’s job. Technically they are “the groom’s ushers”. In reality, most grooms will have to take their fiancee’s views into account when choosing the wedding ushers.

What is the difference between ushers and groomsmen?

The groomsmen’s role is to stand by the groom during the ceremony, and the role of usher(s) is to help guide guests to their seats before the ceremony begins. While groomsmen stand during the ceremony, ushers usually take a seat.

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