Can you get legally married in a marquee?

You can’t get married in a marquee. … “If you’re happy to hold off on officiating your marriage, a celebrant can host your wedding pretty much anywhere meaning that the possibilities really are endless.”

Can you legally get married in your garden?

In a nutshell, you are unable to legally hold a wedding ceremony in your back garden. However, you could consider quickly carrying out the formalities in your local registry office, and then proceeding back to your garden with your guests to hold a blessing ceremony.

Do you need planning permission for wedding marquee?

Do I need planning permission? Marquees can usually be erected without planning permission for up to 28 days a year. However, this tends to limit operators to five or six events because the 28 days includes the time taken to set up and take down the marquee.

Can a registrar marry you at home?

So if you choose to hold your ceremony at home you will need to visit a registry office at some point beforehand to sign your wedding paperwork. … If a licence is granted your ceremony can then be conducted by a registrar, making it legally binding (although of course it would not be as personal).

Do you have to get married under a roof?

No. Of course that’s not the full answer. There are some marriage officers who will not perform a wedding in the open, some will do a ceremony outside but insist the register be signed indoors.

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Do you need council approval for a marquee?

One question I am often asked is ‘do I need planning permission for a marquee in my garden ? ‘ The short answer to this is NO, as long as the marquee is not up for any longer than 28 days. If you need the marquee to up for longer than 28 days then you will need some kind of planning permission.

How big is a 3×6 marquee?

Marquee Size and Capacity Guide

Marquee Size Approx. Number of guests
Feet / Meters Standing 8 -10 people seated at tables
12ft x 12ft (3.6m x 3.6m) 20 10
20ft x 10ft (6m x 3m) 30 20
20ft x 20ft (6m x 6m) 60 40

Can I hold a wedding on my farm?

Weddings, concerts, parties, car boot sales, conferences, all can be held on farmland or in disused barns, and all can yield significant revenues if done properly. But the key to any public service is professionalism, and an interest in dealing with the public.

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