Do people wash each others feet at weddings?

It’s where the bride and groom wash each others feet in a bowl with asponge and dry them off with a towel. The reason some Christian couples decide to do this is because it is a symbolofbeing humble and willing to serve one another since that is what Jesus did for his disciples.

Who traditionally washes the feet of the bride on the day of her wedding?

Wedding Tradition :: Foot Washing Ceremony

From the Bride, Robin: During the ceremony, we washed each other’s feet. Jesus did this with his disciples as a symbol of his devotion to humble himself as a leader and serve his followers.

What does it mean to wash your wife’s feet?

It is a time to look at the bowed head of your spouse, to be silent and to reflect on your marriage. If you are doing the washing it is a time to gently massage your partner’s feet, to think about what these feet represent.

Why does the bride’s father wash the groom’s feet?


The bride’s parents offer their daughter in marriage in a pious and solemn ritual called kanyadan. They wash the feet of the bride and groom with milk and water, purifying them for their new life together.

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What is a scramble at a wedding?

The ‘wedding scramble’ is traditional in most parts of Scotland. As the bride steps into the car, her father throws a handful of coins for the children to collect. … The bride sits on a stool while an older, married woman washes and dries her feet.

What is foot washing Baptist?

What comes before that comment about being a foot-washing Baptist (referring to Boo’s father) offers the clue. To Scout, the term means strict adherence to the Baptist religion without allowance for bending of those beliefs in any situation, or in other words that all pleasure is sinful.

What does the word feet mean in the Bible?

Biblical references to feet often signify whether life choices were made with sound contemplation and discernment. … In the scriptures, when feet slip or stumble it is symbolic for falling into sin (Job 12:5; Ps 37:31; 56:13; 66:9; 73:2; 116:8; 121:3).

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