How do I delete my engage account?

If you are still interested in closing your account, please email us at and our staff will get back to you shortly. We always strive to improve our product and our service.

How do I close my engage account?

How do I cancel my Engage Card? Email us from your registered email address requesting cancellation. Cut up the card and return it to us. Any funds remaining on the account can be paid to a bank account of your choice prior to closure.

How do I transfer money from my engage account?

You can use your online Engage Classic account to make transfers to other bank accounts and set up standing orders. You can only spend money that you have paid into your account, so before making transfers or using your card you need to make sure there are enough funds in the Engage account.

How do I set up an engage account?

To sign up for an Engage account, simply become a member of your local Credit Union (hyperlink to our website locator). Take in two forms of ID to apply for the Engage account.

How do I activate my engage Card?

How do I activate my card? To activate the card you will need to call our automated phone service, choose option 2 and follow the instructions. Choosing this option means you can activate your card and retrieve your PIN at the same time.

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Is engage a bank?

Engage Current Account – Frequently Asked Questions. What is the Engage Current Account? The Engage Current Account is an alternative to a high-street bank account. It comes with an account number and sort code and a contactless Visa debit card.

What is an Engage account?

Engage is a fair and ethical digital account and contactless Visa debit card that works just like a high street current account, but with no hidden fees or unexpected costs. Engage is the only account exclusive to Credit Unions and their members.

What bank is engage account?

Finally there’s an account designed with your needs in mind

The Engage digital account is available exclusively to all Credit Union and Community Bank members… regardless of their financial circumstances.

Where can I use my engage Card?

You can use your Engage card wherever you see the Visa acceptance mark, including shops, restaurants, online, for telephone & TV shopping. You can withdraw cash at ATMs and request cashback at most supermarkets. Please see about page for more information.

Can I pay a Cheque into my engage account?

Money transferred to your Engage account will be credited by 4pm on the same day (Monday to Friday) or on the next banking day. You can also deposit cheques with the Credit Union. … Engage accounts can also accept BACS credits to your personal VISA debit account and sort code held with Contis Financial Services.

Do engage do loans?

When you need a loan for an important purchase, Engage FCU is here to help. From new and used vehicles, to personal loans for any purpose, to options that can help you rebuild your credit, we have you covered. In most cases payments can be set up for painless payroll deduction.

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How do you log into engage?

Logging into your Engage Portal

  1. Tap the LOGIN or MY ACCOUNT button on your flyout menu.
  2. Tap the link “Agent Login” at the bottom of the LOGIN page.
  3. The first time you log in to your Engage Portal from your app, enter the email address you use for your app’s account and the temporary password you received via email.
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