How do you get a license to marry a couple in Canada?

How do you get a license to marry someone in Canada?

You will need to visit a local town hall, city hall or municipal court office to apply for your marriage license. When you arrive, both of you will need to each show two pieces of official government documentation. Here is a list of documentation types that the state of Canada will accept: A valid, current passport.

Who can legally marry a couple in Canada?

Legally, you must be 18 years or older and not already married. There are exceptions to the legal age limit. You may marry with your parents’ consent if you are under 18 and over 16.

Do you need a license to get married in Canada?

The legal requirements for getting married in Canada… Under the Solemnisation of Marriage Act, it is necessary to get a marriage licence or certificate before getting married.

Can I officiate my own wedding in Canada?

Who can become one? Temporary marriage commissioners can perform one non-religious marriage ceremony on one specified day as long as they do not charge a fee. Any Canadian permanent resident over the age of 18 is eligible to apply.

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Can a visitor get married in Canada?

Yes, you can get married in Canada while visiting from another country either with a visitor visa or a temporary resident’s visa. Marriage in Canada is an option available to all Canadian citizens and permanent residents who want to marry a foreign partner.

What is the average age to get married in Canada?


Canada, place of occurrence (map)
Sex Characteristics 2005
Males Mean age at marriage 29.5
Median age at divorce 43.0
Median age at marriage 27.0

Can you marry your sister in Canada?

It is against the law to marry your parent, grandparent, child, grandchild, brother, sister, half-brother or half-sister. Polygamy: Having more than one spouse at a time is called polygamy. If you are already married, you cannot marry another person. It is against the law in Canada to have more than one spouse.

You must both be over 18 years of age, or have parents’ consent if either is under 18. You cannot both be under 18. Two people over 18 years of age must witness the ceremony and sign the Marriage Register and Certificates.

How much does it cost to get legally married in Canada?

Fee. The fee for a Licence is $125.00, Canadian funds. (Cash or Canadian Debit ONLY). Once issued, a marriage licence is non-refundable and only valid in Ontario for 90 days.

What documents do I need to marry in Canada?

How to get a marriage licence

  • government-issued birth certificate, including any change of name certificates.
  • valid passport.
  • record of immigrant landing.
  • Canadian Citizenship Card.
  • valid driver’s licence.
  • valid Ontario Photo Card.
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How long does it take to get a marriage certificate in Canada?

Before you can get a marriage certificate, your marriage needs to be registered. The officiant who performed the marriage will send your completed and signed marriage licence to ServiceOntario so the marriage can be registered. You can order a marriage certificate about 6-8 weeks after this happens.

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