Question: Is it cheaper to have a marquee wedding?

If you already have a private space such as a large backyard, your marquee hire will likely be cheaper than traditional venue hire, especially if you’re prepared to DIY everything else including food and alcohol.

Is a marquee wedding more expensive?

A marquee wedding is going to cost as much, if not more, than a traditional venue due to the fact that you need to hire everything from the floor to the ceiling right through to cutlery and crockery. This said, it can still be done on a budget without making too many sacrifices.

How much are marquees for weddings?

To keep costs down you could have a beautiful marquee in your or your parents’ backyards. But if you don’t know anyone with a spectacular location that they don’t mind letting you borrow, you should budget around $500-$1500 to hire a site.

How much is a home wedding?

Items like chairs, tables, marquees, lighting, staging and so on are what is traditionally hired. The average price for hire in NSW for 2016 was $3,685. If you add the price for catering and wedding hire then it comes to $12,680. For 2016 in NSW the average price for a venue is $13,815.

What size marquee do I need for 200 guests?

4.5m Marquees

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Marquee Size Guide Number of Guests
Size: Width & Length (Feet) Size: Width & Length (Feet) Seated at tables
50ft x 50ft 15m x 15m 200
50ft x 60ft 15m x 18m 240
50ft x 70ft 15m x 21m 280

What is marquee?

(Entry 1 of 2) 1 chiefly British : a large tent set up for an outdoor party, reception, or exhibition. 2a : a permanent canopy often of metal and glass projecting over an entrance (as of a hotel or theater) The hotel doorman was stationed under the marquee.

Do I need a marquee?

3. WHAT ELSE DO I NEED TO HIRE OTHER THAN A MARQUEE? The marquee is the bare bones of the event – and is always a MUST have option – even if you are having an open air wedding.

Can you put up a marquee anywhere?

A marquee can be erected almost anywhere although a flat, level, grassy site with good vehicle access is ideal and would be the most cost effective.

What size marquee do I need for 150 guests?

Marquee pricing — medium marquees

Marquee size Width x Length Capacity
Seated Buffet
9m x 12m (30′ x 40′) 100 150
9m x 15m (30′ x 50′) 125 185
9m x 18m (30′ x 60′) 150 225

How much does it cost to rent a marquee UK?

Another simple way is to use the fact that marquees typically cost between £15 and £50 per person. The lower price is for a basic unlined marquee with matting, simple lighting and furniture. The higher price would be for the marquee with absolutely everything – hard floor, carpet, night sky, chill out areas etc.

How much is a Garden marquee?

London Garden Marquees

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Prices start at £500+VAT for a four day hire during the low season.

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