Quick Answer: What should a little boy wear to a wedding?

Unless the dress code is black tie formal, it’s unlikely your little boy needs to wear a full-on tuxedo to a wedding. It’s easy to dress them up—consider a collared shirt, a bow tie, and some nice dress shoes to keep them looking adorable. If the event is more formal, try a suit jacket.

What does a 12 year old boy wear to a wedding?

For boys, a dress shirt and khaki pants are appropriate. In some cases, though, a tie may be necessary. If the wedding is more formal, a linen or other summer-weight suit may be a better option. Choose simple leather dress shoes, boat shoes or sandals depending on the outfit.

What should my toddler wear to a wedding?

Rompers are a great alternative when it comes to baby wedding clothes, especially if your kid finds dresses uncomfortable. They’re often a little roomier and offer some extra coverage (and if this pick is anything to go by, they can be super cute too).

What should a 11 year old boy wear to a wedding?

An 11-year-old can stand out at a wedding with stylish casual wear. Although, when the word casual is mentioned in clothing parlance, most people think “Jeans and T-shirts.” Contrary to popular notion, casual for a wedding can be outrightly smart.

What does a 14 year old boy wear to a wedding?

Often suitable for afternoon weddings, semi-formal attire for teens is similar to what men wear. Shoot it up with a button-front shirt and a well tucked tie. … Meanwhile, a dark suit is an alternative, and yes, a lighter suit can come into the picture if it’s a daytime summer wedding event.

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What should a preteen wear to a wedding?

Just like the older wedding guests, teens should dress according to the formality of the event and the time. For a formal wedding during the day, female teens should wear a cocktail dress or a dressy afternoon dress if the wedding. For an evening wedding, females should wear a cocktail dress or a long evening dress.

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