What happens during the prelude of a wedding?

Prelude. Typically lasting anywhere from 15-45 minutes in length, the prelude is usually accompanied by some light, festive music performed by your ceremony musician(s) as guests arrive and are shown to their seats.

What is a prelude in the wedding?

The prelude is background music played from the time wedding guests begin arriving to the wedding ceremony until the wedding party is ready to begin the procession.

What is prelude and processional in wedding?

1. The Prelude – Played as the guests arrive and take their seats. 2. The Pre-Processional – Played as the honored family members walk down the aisle. … The Processional – Played as the bridal party walks down the aisle.

What does a reader do at a wedding?

Ceremony readers read special poems, passages, and essays during the ceremony (the exact timing of these readings varies from wedding to wedding) and may choose their own readings, be assigned something specific, or be given a selection of readings to choose from.

What does pronouncement mean in a wedding?

The Pronouncement of Marriage of a wedding ceremony is when the officiant pronounces the Bride and Groom as husband and wife.

What does prelude and processional mean?

Basically, the prelude is when your guests are coming in and the processional is when the bridal party is.

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