Who wore a wedding dress in the first episode of Friends?

In the Friends episode “The One with All the Wedding Dresses,” Friends character Monica Gellar has to pick-up a wedding dress belonging to her future sister-in-law, Emily. Emily lives in London, but her dream bridal gown is in her size in New York City.

Where did Phoebe rent her wedding dress?

Monica happily agrees, and she and Phoebe go to the dress boutique, where Monica ends up trying the dress on, and not wanting to take it off. Later, Phoebe comes to Monica’s apartment, having apparently also caught the wedding dress bug, in a maternity wedding gown she rented from a place called “It’s Not Too Late”.

What holiday does Chandler hate?

Thanksgiving-food-hating Chandler (he’s resented the holiday since childhood, when he learned of his parents’ divorce on that day) makes a big breakthrough by preparing cranberry sauce.

What is the best episode of Friends?

24 best and funniest Friends episodes, ranked

  • The One Where Joey Loses His Insurance (season 4, episode 6) …
  • The One Where Everybody Finds Out (season 5, episode 14) …
  • The One Where Ross Is Fine (season 10, episode 2) …
  • The One With All the Rugby (season 4, episode 15) …
  • The One With Unagi (season 6, episode 17)

Who stole Monica’s wedding dress on Friends?

Jennifer Aniston Stole One of Monica’s Dresses from the Friends Set — and She Still Wears It!

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