Why cant you become king if you marry a queen?

3. Marrying a royal doesn’t exactly make you Queen or King…or even a Princess. If a British queen marries, her husband is known as a king consort, but does not become king. In the case of Queen Elizabeth’s husband, Prince Phillip, because he is Greek, he cannot hold the title as King.

Can you become a king by marrying a queen?

A King’s wife automatically becomes the Queen, but this doesn’t work in reverse. If a woman becomes the monarch, her husband would presumably outrank her if he was given the title “King.” Also, when a woman marries into the Royal Family, she takes the female form of her husband’s title.

Why are you not a king if you marry a queen?

The reason comes from a quirk of British parliamentary law that decrees that a man married to a reigning queen is referred to as a “prince consort” rather than king. In British royalty, the only way to become king is to inherit the title. The situation is different for women.

Can a queen make a king?

Thus, Queens never bestowed the generous title of King on their husbands. There are two exceptions of which I am aware: Queen Mary I’s husband was King Philip II of Spain, who was also referred to in the court as the King of England (Jure Uxoris). In theory he was the joint sovereign with Mary.

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Does a princess have to be married to become queen?

Contrary to popular belief, there are no rules that require a prince to marry someone of royal or aristocratic blood, or even a British citizen (and in the case of Prince Charles and Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, an incoming royal can even be divorced) — but religion is where it gets dicey.

Will Kate be queen when William is king?

When Prince William inevitably becomes King, however, Kate’s title will also change. Kate has no royal blood, so will be Queen consort. This means that Kate will also actually be crowned, just in a smaller ceremony when compared to William’s.

What happens if a queen marries a woman?

Women who marry into the royal family have to follow slightly different rules. The wife of a ruling King would take the title of Queen Consort, a symbolic role that would bar her from ruling as a monarch but refer to her as queen.

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