Your question: Should I wear flats or heels on my wedding day?

Should I wear flats or heels?

Whether that be ballet flats, trainers or sandals. Flat shoes are practical and much more versatile than heels, they’re also a safer option in poor weather. Wearing flat shoes with a low heel will likely be far more comfortable than high heels or extremely flat shoes.

Can I wear flats as a bride?

For many brides wearing floor length dresses, bridal shoes can be a moot point. … Most dresses, even tea length dresses, can work with both flats and heels if you find the right style.

Should your shoes show in your wedding dress?

You typically can’t see your shoes when you’re in your wedding dress. It may peep out when you’re walking, but typically your gown will graze the ground or be right above it,” says Kirsten Johnson of Emma and Grace Bridal Studio.

What can I wear instead of heels?

7 Going-Out Looks for the Girl Who Doesn’t Wear Heels

  • Monochrome Pieces + Loafers.
  • Tank Top + Hot Pants + Ballet Flats.
  • Halter Top + Cargo Pants + Oxfords.
  • Moto Jacket + Cropped Trousers + White Sneakers.
  • Tracksuit + High-Top Sneakers.
  • Suede Jacket + Floral Dress + Leather Sneakers.
  • Miniskirt + Lace-Up Boots.

Are heels out of style?

Clear heels are going out of style for summer 2021. Are platform heels still in style? Yes, platform heels are in fashion for summer 2021.

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